2 Best Unknown Torrent Sites of 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Torrenting is still not dead. It’s a medium to share files over the internet, right?

Normally, we all look up for torrent files on the internet because we want to download free stuff and who doesn’t like free stuff.

Anyways, we have enlisted a few best unknown torrent websites from which you can download free files.


You need a VPN for torrenting.

Use a VPN connection before you use these torrent websites.

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Let’s take a look at the list now:

1. BT Etree

BT EtreeThis is a torrent website that shares music files of the concerts or recordings of the local artists. It allows you to set up an account as an artist. Also, you can upload your albums or songs played by your favorite band.

2. isoHunt

IsohuntThis is a torrent search engine for torrent files. It is an advanced BitTorrent and P2P search engine.

You can get a variety of criteria here such as Anime, Movies, Games, Software, TV Series, Music, Books, etc. It doesn’t serve torrent files anymore.


These were few of the rare torrent websites not in the limelight of the internet. Luckily torrent is still safe in some countries.

So overall, we know that the torrent files can be used to download movies, music, TV series, books, software, games, etc. that too without any problem. Of course, the download speed reduces a bit while using the torrent downloader but at least you can get what you want.

No need to worry about that as well because you can optimize the download speed while using torrent.

Do not forget to use a VPN Software for torrenting because a VPN will make sure that your connection remains private and secure.