4 Best – “FREE” Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies (2024)

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We ALL love movies. They’re a diverse form of entertainment & amusement. There’s something for everyone. Yet, as much as we all love to go to the movies every now & then.

Not all of us have either the time or the money to visit the theatres once a week. Hence, we all know Putlocker. The divine site that blesses people like you & me with free movies to stream.

Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies

But as divine, as it may be. What is good can also be better, right? Don’t get me wrong, Putlocker is a great site with a constantly updated library…and sometimes there are pop-up ads & poor quality.

Having more options never hurts. Besides, there has never been a ‘Perfect’ site anyways. So, I got on the internet & found the best possible alternatives for times when Putlocker doesn’t seem like an answer.

1. Look Movie

Look Movie

Look Movie is yet another movie streaming site with a not so great name. Here’s the good news: the pop-ups are minimal. You’d probably have to get through a few here & there but they don’t ruin the experience at all.

The website has a very good library with high-quality movies. The UI is very simplistic or in other words: It does the job. The site offers movies based on categories, genre, filter as well as a few TV shows, and it also runs smoothly.

The site has a bitcoin wallet link at the bottom of every page, in case you felt like donating to the creators for their efforts.


  • Hollywood movies & TV Shows
  • Old to recent titles


  • Pop-up ads

2. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

Finally! A site with an agreeable name. Popcorn Flix or Popcornflix is a free streaming site with loads of movies, TV & documentaries to keep you entertained. There are no ads popping up here, BUT there is a short unskippable ad when trying to play a movie.

Another thing to mention here is that you might require a VPN to use this site, due to its limited availability in certain regions. Not the biggest turn off, since you can find a lot of cheap & free VPNs for that matter.

The player natively runs in full screen which is great for computer & tablet devices. The site is simple to use & runs fast even after using a VPN which sometimes toggles the overall network speed.


  • No pop-up ads
  • Hollywood movies, TV Shows & Documentaries


  • Might require VPN

3. HD Movies

HD Movies

YES. HD Movies is the name of the site & yes the movies are indeed in HD. The generic pop-ups are there for sure but if you have a good enough ad-blocker or antivirus (Like Malwarebytes), you can get around those fairly easily.

Beyond that, there are no intruding ads to disturb you. The site is fairly easy to navigate through. You can go through the latest ones, go by genre, go by top-rated or even browse through movies by year.

The variety in movies is definitely present. The site works a tad slow but it’s not like waiting a few seconds is going to make you hate the experience.


  • Hollywood movies in HD
  • Less Ads


  • Small library of old movies

4. Archive.org


So you might be familiar with this one already. The last on the list is the movie section of the Internet Archive. Now, mind you, it’s not the best alternative for watching movies out there. You won’t find the latest & greatest names that premiered yesterday.

The movies you’ll find here could be from a by-gone era with titles dating as back as the early 1900s. If you have an appetite for monochromatic films or a passion for digging the internet to find some unknown media, you can’t ignore this site.

Since everything you find here is free under the public domain, Archive is the best way to watch movies safely. No pop-ups, tabs, windows or ad-blocker required. Goes without saying, you can also download movies for offline viewing.


  • No ads
  • Downloads available
  • Rare collection


  • Not for mainstream audience


So those were 4 alternatives to Putlocker that could definitely put the locker on Putlocker (pun intended) for good. Now you know that Putlocker isn’t the only destination for free & premium movie streaming.

I personally tried & tested all the sites given above so you can rest assured that everything is legit. However, do not be annoyed if you receive a few more pop-up ads than I did. A good ad-blocker could definitely aid you in that case.

Lastly, as said before, No site is perfect. Not all sites offer the same experience or content. A few from the above don’t offer offline downloads or any TV Shows to speak of. But you get what you DON’T pay for. Hence, compromises are expected.