5 Best Android VPNs for 2024 (Tested)

Best Android VPNs
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As of 2019, Android remains to be the most used mobile OS as a subsystem of Linux and a huge majority of 5.1 billion users coming from mobile. Although computers are the most preferred platform, mobile has become the most popular way of accessing the internet due to its form factor.

Due to such a huge boom in internet access across the globe, Mobile (especially android) has had an increasing demand for VPN services, like its computer counterparts. We emphasize Android in this article because of its robustness and open-source nature of development.

So, accessing the web on a public wifi spot or reaching a site in a country with elevated censorship is as vulnerable on a phone as it is on a computer. Hence, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best VPNs for secure browsing on your smartphone.

1. NordVPN


If you’ve been looking around for VPNs lately, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Nord. NordVPN is among the most popular and highly-rated VPNs in the VPN world. It offers great speeds, reliable security, customer support, and a UI that is miles ahead of the competition.

If you’re ever afraid of malware, then Nord has Cyberspec that nullifies such threats. Nord has a huge list of servers with a good amount of US-based servers as well. So if you’re on the go and want to stream content from Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu, Nord can be your answer.

Still in doubt? Check out our review for NordVPN to get the full story.


  • User-friendly UI & Easy to Use
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Strict No-logs Policy
  • Strong customer support
  • Dedicated IP
  • Quick Connect

2. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN stems from ProtonMail, an email service that idolizes privacy and security as a driving force. Hence, ProtonVPN is no exception either. With ProtonVPN, you get strong AES-256 and 4096 RSA encryption along with IPSec and OpenVPN protocols.

ProtonVPN is swiss-based and thus has some of the most strict privacy protection logs. They don’t keep your logs and never input any kind of information into the cloud. Everything stays secure on their underground servers.

So, just how secure is ProtonVPN exactly? Read our detailed ProtonVPN review to find out.


  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Best No logs Policy
  • Split-Tunneling Support
  • Kill Switch
  • Multi-Protocol Support
  • A free plan available & No ads

3. VyprVPN


VyprVPN is another popular VPN with high performance and a long list of server locations to choose from. Now, a lot of companies allocate the management of these large amounts of servers to third-party companies but that’s not the case with VyprVPN.

VyperVPN solely manages all its servers and maintains security through its team of experts. Further what sets VyprVPN from any other option on this list is Chameleon protocol which scrambles your connection to ensure invisibility from your ISP and the government.

Our review of VyprVPN expands on its usability, performance, and security even further.


  • Kill Switch
  • NAT Firewall
  • Independent No-logs Policy
  • Easy to Use & Flexible
  • Faster Speeds for Streaming
  • Ad-free

4. Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield has worldwide popularity due to its robust free plan. Yes, it’s full of ads but what hey, nothing is actually free. You pay for it somehow. Anyways, Hotspot Shield offers protection from hackers, identity thieves, and government surveillance from peaking into your network.

It has military-grade encryption, connection for up to 5 devices and provides ample speeds for smooth streaming. The only real downside for Hotspot Shield could be that it’s headquartered in the US which doesn’t have the best record when it comes to respecting privacy but we digress.

Have raising doubts about the service? Our full review of Hotspot Shield covers all the nitty-gritty details.


  • Optimized Servers
  • In-app Knowledge Base
  • Secure Encryption
  • Multiple Connections
  • Live Tech Support
  • Catapult Hydra VPN Tech

5. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is the only real competition to NordVPN. Both are equally huge and offer support for the android platform. ExpressVPN has by far the greatest number of servers worldwide, more than any other VPN service on this list and is trusted by a lot of big-name companies.

It is based on the British Virgin Islands to evade the prying eyes of any government. Setting up and running it on your device is super easy with support for nearly all devices up to android version 5.0. Some servers are managed by third-party companies but not that huge of a turn-off.

Big in the industry = Great service? Not necessarily. Check out our thorough review of ExpressVPN to learn more.


  • Large number of locations
  • Advanced leak protection
  • Split tunneling
  • Multilingual interface
  • Kill Switch
  • In-built speed tester


Protection on android devices such as smartphones and tablets has never been easier than before. All the above options provide the same level of protection as their main desktop platforms. You can get away with all the browsing, streaming and torrenting hassle-free.

It also goes without saying that all the VPNs on this list have a 30/45-day money-back guarantee as a measure of trust and you can go into trying them out without losing money. If one or the other doesn’t work out, you can simply switch.

Do you have any other VPN services that could be added? Did you try any of the services given above? How was your experience? Please comment your thoughts down below and let us know.