7 CouchTuner Alternatives in 2020 (To Stream Movies Free)

CouchTuner Alternatives

CouchTuner was THE spot to stream TV Shows. Not that the site is down or anything but it has become a bit overused and populated with annoying ads. Clicking the play button auto opens a tab or pops up an ad that claims to make you more money or burn all your fat.

We’re not telling you to dump CouchTuner altogether but being aware of a few good options at hand is always great. So here we have a few sites which are similar to CouchTuner but less to none ads and/or just TV shows.

7 CouchTuner Alternatives in 2020
  • New Episodes
  • Movie Watcher
  • PopcornFlix
  • LookMovie
  • Noxx
  • Vumoo
  • PrimeWire

1. New Episodes


Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? It’s a website for streaming the newest and latest TV show episodes. When you open the site, you can right away browse through the latest episodes that premiered this week without having to go through a long list.

You can find all the latest shows from AMC, ABC, Disney+, Hulu and even Netflix. The site isn’t all that perfect though. The occasional auto-opening ad when you click somewhere is a bit annoying but hey, that’s how they make money. There’s also a sister site that has the latest movies to stream.

2. Movie Watcher


Movie Watcher is essentially a movie streaming website that has a TV series section. The section has all the popular TV shows available on the biggest streaming sites. The video quality is a little inconsistent though as many shows can be HD quality while some can be in 480p.

You can search TV shows by genre, rating, most viewed, most popular and even by year. The catch of the usual ads is certainly present. Clicking anything anytime pops open a tab to a random website but again you are watching popular TV shows for FREE.

3. PopcornFlix


Now this one is without ads, so definitely turn off that ad blocker here. PopcornFlix offers free streaming for movies and TV shows but the catch is it may not play anything as the site is region locked to a few specific countries. So you might need a VPN to enjoy this site.

But after turning on a VPN, the content is certainly there. If you’re looking for the latest episodes for the latest TV shows, you might be disappointed. The site houses some moderately old or niche content, so you could be going into it to find some unexpected surprise.

4. LookMovie


LookMovie is another site that has a TV shows section. LookMovie updates its TV show collection quite often and stays populated with new content regularly. The regular trope of ads is present in the form of popups and banner ads that benefit the website.

But here’s the thing, LookMovie has a premium membership option that, for a small fee, offers all the content without the annoying ads. So, you don’t have to fight the ads every time you visit the site OR you can use an adblocker and avoid SOME ads.

5. Noxx


Noxx is a free streaming site that hosts the latest TV show collection which is bigger than any other site on this list. Noxx extends from AZMovies which hosts a movie database. The homepage has a ‘continue watching’ section which shows recently viewed shows to keep track.

The site also has a timeline page that streamlines all the new episodes on a specific date. The usual ads are present but the amount of variety and quality you get for a little bit of compromise feels worth it. Definitely check this one out.

6. Vumoo


Vumoo looks like a Netflix clone with similar font color and theme. If you’re looking for simplicity, this site could be the most barebones looking on this list which is a good thing. It’s very straight forward, the homepage shows the list of shows and you can get to watching straight away.

Here’s the good news. NO annoying ads. Well, the site isn’t completely ad-less. There’s still banner ads on the streaming pages but that’s about it. Banner ads can be easily overlooked anyways, it’s the popups that are annoying. So, it’s basically free premium streaming.

7. PrimeWire


PrimeWire is the last option on this list. PrimeWire offers countless hours of free streaming for all the latest TV shows. Although the homepage has a login section, there’s no sign up required to stream anything. But with an account, you can manage your favorites & lists just like on Netflix or Hulu.

Now, the site particularly doesn’t have any ads. You can go through specific episodes of any TV shows you may like. However, our adblocker happened to pick up some alerts but other than that, the site works great.


Those were 7 free streaming websites to remove CouchTuner from your bookmarks. Some sites have ads, some don’t but each has its own pros and cons. Free streaming sites go down all the time. Hence, having multiple options is great in the long run.

Finally, go and check each one out. See what works for you and make use of a good adblocker. Do you have any free streaming sites that we didn’t include? Did you try any out and are using it on a daily basis? Or any site didn’t work for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.