6 Best Sites Similar to FMovies to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Best Sites Similar to FMovies
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Fmovies is a website (or according to Wikipedia, a series of sites) that gives you access to unlimited Movies & TV Shows to watch, stream and even download. You can find movies by genre, top-rated, alphabetically and even find regional movies for your country.

Sounds great, right? Not entirely. Like a lot of free services, Fmovies makes money through ads. Not up to the point that the site is completely unusable but enough to disturb browsing through the site. It uses one of those ‘Click here’ gimmicks that redirect you out of the site.

So what’s the solution? Are there any other sites that offer free streaming? Fortunately, Fmovies isn’t the end of the world. There are certain alternatives that offer similar services & features to Fmovies but with less to no ads. What are these sites you ask? Let’s check them out:

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15 Best Free Trial VPN: Try it Without Spending a Single Dollar

Best Free Trial VPNs
Reading Time: 16 minutes
Let’s talk about Free Trial VPN today.
But first, listen to this:
There are multiple VPNs available in the market and each one is different. You wouldn’t know which of these would suit your requirements. Unless you try them.

In a hurry and can’t read the whole list? Here are the 5 Best Free Trial VPN
VPNTrial DurationCredit Card
Price after trialMoney Back
SmartyDNS3 daysNo$6.95 monthly
$49.95 yearly
30 days
Private VPN7 DaysNo$10.95 monthly
$72 yearly
30 days
Proton VPN7 DaysNo$4 monthly
$48 yearly
30 Days
Ivacy VPN3 DaysYes$9.95 monthly
$40 yearly
30 Days
IPVanish7 DaysYes$10 monthly
$77.99 yearly
7 Days

Imagine if you just end up buying a VPN only to realize you made a wrong purchasing decision.

That sounds terrible right. Such a waste of money.

While you can look at reviews, it still might not let you know if the selected VPN will be the right choice for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if VPN providers give you free trials?

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7 Best VPN for Torrenting for 2024; Tested (100% Safe)

Best VPN for Torrenting
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Are you torrenting without a VPN? Didn’t you hear the news? There are HUGE penalties for being caught torrenting. By not using a VPN or any other kind of security tool while using a torrent client, you are risking federal punishments, civil lawsuits,and even jail time.

Yes, that last movie you so successfully downloaded can get you jailed. So how do you escape the shackles of law? Well, VPNs do offer the much needed protection. What kind of protection?

  • A VPN can transfer your IP to a country where torrenting is legal or has less strict laws (Switzerland)
  • A VPN hides your traffic from your Internet Service Provider
  • A VPN lets you access restricted websites in your region

Since all VPNs do the same thing, why even bother reading this list? Well, because my fellow netizens, although all VPNs serve the same purpose, they aren’t all equal. Some ARE better than others and offer more features or functionality.

So, here we have a few of the best VPNs that offer the best torrenting speeds and don’t let the government guys find you. Let’s begin, shall we?

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4 Best – “FREE” Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies (2024)

Reading Time: 5 minutes

We ALL love movies. They’re a diverse form of entertainment & amusement. There’s something for everyone. Yet, as much as we all love to go to the movies every now & then.

Not all of us have either the time or the money to visit the theatres once a week. Hence, we all know Putlocker. The divine site that blesses people like you & me with free movies to stream.

Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies

But as divine, as it may be. What is good can also be better, right? Don’t get me wrong, Putlocker is a great site with a constantly updated library…and sometimes there are pop-up ads & poor quality. Continue reading

Cybersecurity Statistics for 2024 – Trends, Insights, & More!

Cybersecurity Statistics
Reading Time: 10 minutes

Cybersecurity is a BIG issue, and the interesting thing is…a lot of people don’t realize they care about it.

A lot of people think about cybersecurity as something pretty basic: choose a good password, and beyond that it’s really a term for governments and big companies to worry about.

Of course, when you think about it, cybersecurity matters to just about everyone.

It’s super important for small businesses, who may be targeted without having the resources to hire a security professional.

And have you ever been concerned about what Facebook is doing with your data? Then you’ve worried about cybersecurity.

See what I mean? This goes for EVERYONE who does anything on the internet.

So I’ve picked quite a few of the most relevant and reputable statistics about cybersecurity in this list, and I think they’ll matter a lot to you, no matter your context.

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How To Update Kodi: Easy to Follow 5 Minute Guide (2024)

How To Update Kodi
Reading Time: 4 minutes

The world is getting digitized day by day at a rapid pace. The amount of media consumption is unprecedented. Here comes Kodi, which takes care of all your media consumption requirements.

How to update Kodi?

Updating Kodi is not a very complicated task. To update Kodi, follow these simple steps.

How to update Kodi on Android TV?

  1. Click on the Play Store option from your Android main menu.
  2. Search for Kodi using the search bar at the top of the Play Store application.
  3. If the app is already installed, then click on the Update button for a newer version of Kodi.
  4. Once updated, you will find the app in your app list.
  5. Launch the app normally when it is updated. Your database will be converted. You don’t have to worry about that.

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ProtonVPN Review (2024): Should you use it? Detailed Testing Inside

ProtonVPN Review
Reading Time: 17 minutes
I’m pretty familiar with a lot of VPNs, but ProtonVPN is one that’s always close to my heart.

Why? It’s hard to say exactly why, but I think their branding and origin story are fantastic.

ProtonVPN actually started with ProtonMail, a secure and encrypted mail service. The project was crowdfunded and founded by geniuses at CERN.

ProtonVPN was built to improve protection for people using ProtonMail, but it’s ballooned to become as famous as ProtonMail and is often used completely on its own.

To make matters even MORE heartening, ProtonMail and ProtonVPN BOTH have FREE versions.

Limited, of course, but it sure stands out as a sign of how serious ProtonMail/ProtonVPN are about their goals to protect people’s privacy.

Anyway, it’s pretty clear that at first glance, ProtonVPN seems to be one of the most legitimate VPNs around.

Founded by experts, crowd-sourced for privacy (not for streaming), located in a country known for its strong privacy laws, and providing reputable free software…

Surely, ProtonVPN must be one of the best VPNs in the world, right?

Well, I’ve tested it thoroughly, and I’ve got to say—the picture is a little more complicated. Continue reading

TorGuard VPN Review: Hands-on review with Netflix/Torrent (2024)

TorGuard VPN Review
Reading Time: 19 minutes
TorGuard is a name that I guess you could consider a big deal. It’s got a

I’ve always been a little put off by the name: what’s the “tor” in TorGuard for?

Because people often confuse VPNs and TOR, I figured it was a sneaky attempt at dragging in less aware customers.

It turns out that the “Tor” does mean something else—but more on that later.

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7 Best VPN for Kodi; Safe & Super Fast VPNs of 2024

Best VPN for Kodi
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Who doesn’t like theatres? Sure, we all do but movies are often expensive. Hence, we have Kodi that lets you access all your favourite media streaming services into one place and brings the theatre experience right into your living room. But of course what’s good can be better.

In this internet fueled age, borders have become imaginary. There has been an increasing demand among users to access foreign country networks to enjoy a diversified space of entertainment without sacrificing security.

There’s also censorship laws in place in some countries that ban certain sites. Hence, we have fetched some of the best VPN services that let you access restricted sites and services from any device, just like Kodi. Starting the list with…

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