6 Best Sites Similar to FMovies to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Best Sites Similar to FMovies
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Fmovies is a website (or according to Wikipedia, a series of sites) that gives you access to unlimited Movies & TV Shows to watch, stream and even download. You can find movies by genre, top-rated, alphabetically and even find regional movies for your country.

Sounds great, right? Not entirely. Like a lot of free services, Fmovies makes money through ads. Not up to the point that the site is completely unusable but enough to disturb browsing through the site. It uses one of those ‘Click here’ gimmicks that redirect you out of the site.

So what’s the solution? Are there any other sites that offer free streaming? Fortunately, Fmovies isn’t the end of the world. There are certain alternatives that offer similar services & features to Fmovies but with less to no ads. What are these sites you ask? Let’s check them out:

1. Tubi


Tubi is a movie & TV show streaming site, similar to Fmovies. Where Tubi draws the line is that it has no ads on the site at all. You can enjoy all the movies and TV shows uninterrupted without the need to register or sign up as well. But as like everything free, Tubi has a catch too.

Although the site itself is very premium and fast, its the content that lacks quality. It’s difficult to find any recent movies. You may find some classic flicks or niche to mediocre TV shows and dramas. But again, what Tubi lacks in quality it makes up for it in the variety of genre that it offers. So you have a LOT to choose from and definitely worth checking out.

2. LookMovie


LookMovie offers some of the most updated movie libraries from very recent to very old with the exception of the occasional ad popping up here & there. You can go about selecting movies by a specific genre, year, rating or the newest first.

There are pop up and on-page ads on the site but nothing a good adblocker can’t save you from. The site provides IMDB ratings and related movie recommendations so you don’t have to go elsewhere to search for more movies.

3. Afdah


Afdah is a rather popular name among people who love free streaming due to no pop ads anywhere on the site. Of course, you’ll get the occasional auto-opening tab while trying to play a movie but it can be closed as well. Nothing too off-putting.

Now to talk about what makes Afdah so good could be its vast library of fresh as well as old movies, full-screen player, phone compatibility, etc. You can basically find any movie here by genre, year, language or even country. The quality is on par with what you might be used to with Fmovies.

4. PopcornFlix


Like Tubi, PopcornFlix is another streaming site that offers a free and completely uninterrupted experience. Previously, it was inaccessible in some countries and required a VPN to gain access but they certainly made some development on that part.

The movie quality is as premium as it comes. You can find SOME new movies and a lot of old or niche genre movies or documentaries to watch. You can also find some classic TV shows if you’ve never had the chance to enjoy them firsthand.

5. AZMovies


AZMovies is a great streaming site that has HD movies with the most recent titles to watch. There are some banner ads and a few popups that can be combatted with a good adblocker like the one we used which was MalwareByte’s inbuilt one.

If you happen to suffer from slow speeds or interruptions, the site offers multiple servers to switch to and continue with streaming. The site also has a large collection of TV shows to browse through, including all the classics.

6. YifyMovies


YifyMovies is a subsidiary site of Yify torrents which offers high-quality movie downloads. So, you can expect the same level of service here as well. The site has banner ads and popups but again, not a big deal if you have a good adblocker.

With an inclusion of an adblocker, the site almost works flawlessly. The newest titles have some poor quality but the newer titles are definitely HD. The site has an excellent collection of good movies and TV shows without any foul duds.


Those were 6 good reasons to ditch Fmovies completely. Every site listed above has been personally tried & tested but if you do happen to get a few more popups than I did, then get a GREAT adblocker if you want an uninterrupted experience overall.

As great as Fmovies is, having more options never hurts. Now, you won’t run out of options in case of need but be sure to bookmark everything though. And please feel free to share your thoughts on the list in the comments below.