VPN Unlimited Review: What I have Learned Using it (2024)

vpn unlimited review
Reading Time: 19 minutes
If this isn’t your first time reading my stuff, you know I LOVE VPNs.

I think they serve an essential function and are both easy to use and easy to access. And the best part is, there are a LOT of VPNs out there.

So recently I tried a VPN that I, honestly, didn’t know too much about:

VPN Unlimited.

At first, I thought I was dealing with a really unknown VPN…

Until I realized that a LOT of people have taken a look at it:

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6 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives in 2024 (Safe to Use)

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives_
Reading Time: 6 minutes

What is ExtraTorrent?

In layman terms, ExtraTorrents a search engine that allows users to download various movies, games, applications and many more things for their entertainment or usage purpose. The most remarkable feature about ExtraTorrent is that it’s user base ranges from a kid (for educational purpose) to a software engineer (for work).

Sites like ExtraTorrent and ThePirateBay have gained tremendous popularity among users as they allow them to download free torrents.

History of ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent was founded in 2006 by an individual who was an administrator operating under the alias name SaM. Upon completion of the 10th Anniversary of the website, they launched a celebrity theme with a contest running across where users were asked to guess the most downloaded movies.

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Hotspot Shield Review: Detailed Test with Personal Experience (2024)

Hotspot Shield Review
Reading Time: 20 minutes
Even you’ve taken even a cursory glance at popular VPNs, there is no way you HAVEN’T come across the name Hotspot Shield.

To say Hotspot Shield is popular, or well-known, is an…understatement, to say the least.

Their website says this:

hotspot shield users

Which is INSANE.

I’ll admit to being a little skeptical. That number sounds a little too high—does it include multiple installs by the same account, accounts made by the same people, etc?

(I’ve actually got some comments on that number, but you’ll have to keep reading!)

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2 Best Unknown Torrent Sites of 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Torrenting is still not dead. It’s a medium to share files over the internet, right?

Normally, we all look up for torrent files on the internet because we want to download free stuff and who doesn’t like free stuff.

Anyways, we have enlisted a few best unknown torrent websites from which you can download free files.


You need a VPN for torrenting.

Use a VPN connection before you use these torrent websites.

Based on tested dozens of VPNs, ExpressVPN can be the best option to protect your online privacy and torrenting.

Let’s take a look at the list now:
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Speedify VPN Review: You may have heard, But I Used it! Read Review

Speedify VPN Review
Reading Time: 18 minutes

Most VPNs are basically the same. They make the same promises, have similar features, and do the same basic job.

That’s not a complaint, by the way! It’s good to have competition, and nuance is important.

BUT, every now and then, a VPN comes along that distinguishes itself as a unique contender.

Enter Speedify:

speedify intro

Yep. Speedify is a VPN with a special focus: a focus on combining different types of internet connections seamlessly.

But you might know that quite a few VPNs already offer encryption for data as well as WiFi. This leads to some questions:

Is Speedify offering something new, or a fancy name?

And is that all Speedify is good for, is it a good VPN in other ways as well?

Is it within my budget?

Don’t worry my friends—I’ve tested Speedify thoroughly and I’ve got answers to all those questions, and more.

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SaferVPN Review: Is it Safer compared to other VPNs? Let’s find out…

SaferVPN Review
Reading Time: 11 minutes

Knock Knock! Are you really present in this place shown in your IP address?

You might or might not be there.

And how is that possible? Magic! Lol… No.

Thanks to the Virtual Private Network Software that helps you hide your IP address online, naming of which there is a VPN Software that you can use for certain applications.

May I present – SaferVPN.

Safer VPN Main Page

But is it really that “safer” compared to all other VPNs? I came across a lot of such software that claims to be the best but when I run the tests on them, they turn out to be not as per the expectations they have built.

I did the same for this VPN software. I ran some of my regular tests to check out whether this VPN goes according to its name or not.

Let’s go through them individually and see what the results were…

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2024’s Best Free VPNs for Mac (Option #4 is Awesome)

Free VPNs for Mac
Reading Time: 11 minutes

It’s a known fact that VPNs keep you safe. VPNs are available across multiple platforms, few of these include Mac.

There are several reasons you might have chosen a Mac device. Mac provides a unique user interface, good look and feel, hardware and so on. Multiple reasons, why users find it appealing.

However, what about its security? While you have antivirus and other security software, a VPN can provide ultimate security.

A point to note here is that not all VPN solutions offer support for Mac. So, in case you are a Mac user, you need to choose the solution after making a thorough review.

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IPVanish vs NordVPN: Both Popular But Which is The Best? (2024)

IPVanish vs. NordVPN
Reading Time: 18 minutes
Oh, this is a fun one, my friends.

An intense one, as a matter of fact.

Let’s cut to the chase: IPVanish and NordVPN are two of the most famous VPNs. NordVPN in particular is widely acclaimed and may be one of the best-received VPNs out now.

But IPVanish is no slouch either—millions love it.

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NordVPN Review: What I found Testing it at my Favorite Cafe (2024)

nordvpn review
Reading Time: 17 minutes

If you’re even just a little interested in VPNs, and you’ve done a quick Google, there’s one name you DEFINITELY encountered.

NordVPN is HUGE in the VPN world.

It’s not exaggeration to say that NordVPN is one the most popular and acclaimed VPNs of all time.

It’s got over 8 million customers, PLUS it’s been well received:


nord vps mentions

CLEARLY, NordVPN is doing something right.

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SurfEasy VPN Review: Does it Really hide IP & maintain privacy? Let’s find out…

SurfEasy Review
Reading Time: 10 minutes

You are being monitored online!

Yes, that’s TRUE.

Whatever you surf on the internet, whatever you search and all the websites you visit are being monitored by the government.

Chill, you don’t need to worry as long as you are not a terrorist. (Haha… I hope you are not)

Anyways, there is an option to hide your IP address and maintain privacy over the internet.

Meet SurfEasy

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