• 6 Best Sites Similar to FMovies to Watch Movies & TV Shows

    Best Sites Similar to FMovies
    Reading Time: 5 minutes

    Fmovies is a website (or according to Wikipedia, a series of sites) that gives you access to unlimited Movies & TV Shows to watch, stream and even download. You can find movies by genre, top-rated, alphabetically and even find regional movies for your country.

    Sounds great, right? Not entirely. Like a lot of free services, Fmovies makes money through ads. Not up to the point that the site is completely unusable but enough to disturb browsing through the site. It uses one of those ‘Click here’ gimmicks that redirect you out of the site.

    So what’s the solution? Are there any other sites that offer free streaming? Fortunately, Fmovies isn’t the end of the world. There are certain alternatives that offer similar services & features to Fmovies but with less to no ads. What are these sites you ask? Let’s check them out:

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  • 15 Best Free Trial VPN: Try it Without Spending a Single Dollar

    Best Free Trial VPNs
    Reading Time: 16 minutes
    Let’s talk about Free Trial VPN today.
    But first, listen to this:
    There are multiple VPNs available in the market and each one is different. You wouldn’t know which of these would suit your requirements. Unless you try them.

    In a hurry and can’t read the whole list? Here are the 5 Best Free Trial VPN
    VPNTrial DurationCredit Card
    Price after trialMoney Back
    SmartyDNS3 daysNo$6.95 monthly
    $49.95 yearly
    30 days
    Private VPN7 DaysNo$10.95 monthly
    $72 yearly
    30 days
    Proton VPN7 DaysNo$4 monthly
    $48 yearly
    30 Days
    Ivacy VPN3 DaysYes$9.95 monthly
    $40 yearly
    30 Days
    IPVanish7 DaysYes$10 monthly
    $77.99 yearly
    7 Days

    Imagine if you just end up buying a VPN only to realize you made a wrong purchasing decision.

    That sounds terrible right. Such a waste of money.

    While you can look at reviews, it still might not let you know if the selected VPN will be the right choice for you.

    Wouldn’t it be great if VPN providers give you free trials?

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  • 7 Best VPN for Torrenting for 2024; Tested (100% Safe)

    Best VPN for Torrenting
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    Are you torrenting without a VPN? Didn’t you hear the news? There are HUGE penalties for being caught torrenting. By not using a VPN or any other kind of security tool while using a torrent client, you are risking federal punishments, civil lawsuits,and even jail time.

    Yes, that last movie you so successfully downloaded can get you jailed. So how do you escape the shackles of law? Well, VPNs do offer the much needed protection. What kind of protection?

    • A VPN can transfer your IP to a country where torrenting is legal or has less strict laws (Switzerland)
    • A VPN hides your traffic from your Internet Service Provider
    • A VPN lets you access restricted websites in your region

    Since all VPNs do the same thing, why even bother reading this list? Well, because my fellow netizens, although all VPNs serve the same purpose, they aren’t all equal. Some ARE better than others and offer more features or functionality.

    So, here we have a few of the best VPNs that offer the best torrenting speeds and don’t let the government guys find you. Let’s begin, shall we?

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  • Cybersecurity Statistics for 2024 – Trends, Insights, & More!

    Cybersecurity Statistics
    Reading Time: 10 minutes

    Cybersecurity is a BIG issue, and the interesting thing is…a lot of people don’t realize they care about it.

    A lot of people think about cybersecurity as something pretty basic: choose a good password, and beyond that it’s really a term for governments and big companies to worry about.

    Of course, when you think about it, cybersecurity matters to just about everyone.

    It’s super important for small businesses, who may be targeted without having the resources to hire a security professional.

    And have you ever been concerned about what Facebook is doing with your data? Then you’ve worried about cybersecurity.

    See what I mean? This goes for EVERYONE who does anything on the internet.

    So I’ve picked quite a few of the most relevant and reputable statistics about cybersecurity in this list, and I think they’ll matter a lot to you, no matter your context.

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  • ProtonVPN Review (2024): Should you use it? Detailed Testing Inside

    ProtonVPN Review
    Reading Time: 17 minutes
    I’m pretty familiar with a lot of VPNs, but ProtonVPN is one that’s always close to my heart.

    Why? It’s hard to say exactly why, but I think their branding and origin story are fantastic.

    ProtonVPN actually started with ProtonMail, a secure and encrypted mail service. The project was crowdfunded and founded by geniuses at CERN.

    ProtonVPN was built to improve protection for people using ProtonMail, but it’s ballooned to become as famous as ProtonMail and is often used completely on its own.

    To make matters even MORE heartening, ProtonMail and ProtonVPN BOTH have FREE versions.

    Limited, of course, but it sure stands out as a sign of how serious ProtonMail/ProtonVPN are about their goals to protect people’s privacy.

    Anyway, it’s pretty clear that at first glance, ProtonVPN seems to be one of the most legitimate VPNs around.

    Founded by experts, crowd-sourced for privacy (not for streaming), located in a country known for its strong privacy laws, and providing reputable free software…

    Surely, ProtonVPN must be one of the best VPNs in the world, right?

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  • TorGuard VPN Review: Hands-on review with Netflix/Torrent (2024)

    TorGuard VPN Review
    Reading Time: 19 minutes
    TorGuard is a name that I guess you could consider a big deal. It’s got a

    I’ve always been a little put off by the name: what’s the “tor” in TorGuard for?

    Because people often confuse VPNs and TOR, I figured it was a sneaky attempt at dragging in less aware customers.

    It turns out that the “Tor” does mean something else—but more on that later.

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  • VyprVPN Review: I went Cafe, Tested it—Here What I Learned (2024)

    vyprvpn review
    Reading Time: 22 minutes
    There are a lot of popular VPNs out there. And most of them deserve their popularity.

    But there’s one VPN that is popular—as in it’s on the bigger side—but isn’t AS popular as some of the biggest names.

    This VPN is one I was skeptical of at first, because of my own biases. But after testing it, I’ve discovered this is one of the BEST VPNs around.
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  • Betternet Review: Should we use, or move to Alternative? (Tested)

    betternet review
    Reading Time: 14 minutes

    What is Betternet VPN?

    If you’ve been interested in getting a VPN for the first time, or perhaps acquiring a new one, you’ve likely heard of Betternet.

    Betternet is easily one of the most popular VPNs around, mostly because of its presence in the mobile app market.

    Betternet has been the #1 VPN app on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

    On the Play Store alone, it counts over 10 million downloads, and in total Betternet claims to have 38 million users worldwide.

    Clearly, Betternet is popular. How? Why? There are so many VPNs nowadays, especially for mobile users. What makes Betternet among the most popular?

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  • FastestVPN Review (2024): Is it ‘Really Fast’? Let’s find out…

    FastestVPN Review
    Reading Time: 9 minutes

    We finally did it. We found the fastest VPN service there is. Yep, you guessed it, it’s FastestVPN. You can go ahead right now & click on ‘Buy Now’.

    But hold on! Don’t rush so easily yet. Don’t you want to know what you’ll be getting into before you shell out some cold hard cash? That’s what we want to cover in this review of ours today.

    The name feels a bit handful at first, doesn’t it? A VPN with the word ‘Fastest’ in it has a lot to prove if it wants your approval, right?

    Well, we put ‘FastestVPN’ to the test to see if it is REALLY that fast. And the results are what we’d like to share today. So you as a consumer can make an informed decision.

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  • Astrill VPN Review: Is this VPN safe? Performance Test & Inside Look (2024)

    Astrill VPN Review
    Reading Time: 11 minutes

    We all know VPNs are all the rage right now. Internet privacy and security are as big of a concern as global warming at this point! We live in strange times now where personal and private data are the biggest commodity of today.

    Hence, a market for VPNs was born. At this point, we don’t need to explain what a VPN is and what it does. If it’s worth anything, all we want to know is what a VPN doesn’t do, right?

    If you live in India, there’s a good chance you might’ve heard about Astrill VPN. Astrill has been in the business for over 10 years now and has amassed a million subscribers worldwide growing.

    So what makes Astrill our hot topic today? Well, we went deep into Astrill’s service to see what all the fuss is about and tried it out before you do. Let’s dive in find out if it is worth your time money.

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  • VPN Unlimited Review: What I have Learned Using it (2024)

    vpn unlimited review
    Reading Time: 19 minutes
    If this isn’t your first time reading my stuff, you know I LOVE VPNs.

    I think they serve an essential function and are both easy to use and easy to access. And the best part is, there are a LOT of VPNs out there.

    So recently I tried a VPN that I, honestly, didn’t know too much about:

    VPN Unlimited.

    At first, I thought I was dealing with a really unknown VPN…

    Until I realized that a LOT of people have taken a look at it:

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  • 6 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives in 2024 (Safe to Use)

    Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives_
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    What is ExtraTorrent?

    In layman terms, ExtraTorrents a search engine that allows users to download various movies, games, applications and many more things for their entertainment or usage purpose. The most remarkable feature about ExtraTorrent is that it’s user base ranges from a kid (for educational purpose) to a software engineer (for work).

    Sites like ExtraTorrent and ThePirateBay have gained tremendous popularity among users as they allow them to download free torrents.

    History of ExtraTorrent

    ExtraTorrent was founded in 2006 by an individual who was an administrator operating under the alias name SaM. Upon completion of the 10th Anniversary of the website, they launched a celebrity theme with a contest running across where users were asked to guess the most downloaded movies.

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  • Hotspot Shield Review: Detailed Test with Personal Experience (2024)

    Hotspot Shield Review
    Reading Time: 20 minutes
    Even you’ve taken even a cursory glance at popular VPNs, there is no way you HAVEN’T come across the name Hotspot Shield.

    To say Hotspot Shield is popular, or well-known, is an…understatement, to say the least.

    Their website says this:

    hotspot shield users

    Which is INSANE.

    I’ll admit to being a little skeptical. That number sounds a little too high—does it include multiple installs by the same account, accounts made by the same people, etc?

    (I’ve actually got some comments on that number, but you’ll have to keep reading!)

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  • Speedify VPN Review: You may have heard, But I Used it! Read Review

    Speedify VPN Review
    Reading Time: 18 minutes

    Most VPNs are basically the same. They make the same promises, have similar features, and do the same basic job.

    That’s not a complaint, by the way! It’s good to have competition, and nuance is important.

    BUT, every now and then, a VPN comes along that distinguishes itself as a unique contender.

    Enter Speedify:

    speedify intro

    Yep. Speedify is a VPN with a special focus: a focus on combining different types of internet connections seamlessly.

    But you might know that quite a few VPNs already offer encryption for data as well as WiFi. This leads to some questions:

    Is Speedify offering something new, or a fancy name?

    And is that all Speedify is good for, is it a good VPN in other ways as well?

    Is it within my budget?

    Don’t worry my friends—I’ve tested Speedify thoroughly and I’ve got answers to all those questions, and more.

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  • SaferVPN Review: Is it Safer compared to other VPNs? Let’s find out…

    SaferVPN Review
    Reading Time: 11 minutes

    Knock Knock! Are you really present in this place shown in your IP address?

    You might or might not be there.

    And how is that possible? Magic! Lol… No.

    Thanks to the Virtual Private Network Software that helps you hide your IP address online, naming of which there is a VPN Software that you can use for certain applications.

    May I present – SaferVPN.

    Safer VPN Main Page

    But is it really that “safer” compared to all other VPNs? I came across a lot of such software that claims to be the best but when I run the tests on them, they turn out to be not as per the expectations they have built.

    I did the same for this VPN software. I ran some of my regular tests to check out whether this VPN goes according to its name or not.

    Let’s go through them individually and see what the results were…

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  • NordVPN Review: What I found Testing it at my Favorite Cafe (2024)

    nordvpn review
    Reading Time: 17 minutes

    If you’re even just a little interested in VPNs, and you’ve done a quick Google, there’s one name you DEFINITELY encountered.

    NordVPN is HUGE in the VPN world.

    It’s not exaggeration to say that NordVPN is one the most popular and acclaimed VPNs of all time.

    It’s got over 8 million customers, PLUS it’s been well received:


    nord vps mentions

    CLEARLY, NordVPN is doing something right.

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  • UTunnel VPN Review: Is Setting Up Your Own Private Cloud VPN that Easy? (2024)

    UTunnel VPN Review
    Reading Time: 16 minutes

    While the VPN technology was originally developed almost exclusively for business use, it has now become a staple for many regular internet users.

    DataProt says 26% of all internet users have used a VPN at some point. That is a lot of people requiring VPN services and shows how the VPN has become an essential tool for privacy and safety online.UTunnel VPN homepage

    Here at TopVPN, we’ve reviewed and benchmarked hundreds of VPN services for desktops as well as mobiles. We’ve covered the most niche and bold VPN services in the market.

    But never have we ever covered a customizable, cloud-based VPN solution like the UTunnel VPN.
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  • 7 Best VPNs for TikTok: Tested; Safe to Use (2024)

    best vpn tiktok
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    First India did it and then America followed. We mean, it doesn’t make a lot of sense banning a harmless song and dance app, does it? Something needs to be done.

    Now, just because the government banned it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. There is one very obvious way of getting around an IP ban. The same way you can get around using another country’s Netflix: VPN.

    A Virtual Private Network can say, transport your IP to some other country. For example, TikTok is completely legal and works fine in Canada (for now), so you can simply use a VPN to use a server in Canada.

    We have an entire article on which VPNs work best with Netflix and how it isn’t technically illegal to use them but TikTok is a different animal.

    So here we’ve found some of the best hybrid VPN services that you can use right now and get to enjoy your favorite app again, regardless of the ban.
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  • ZenMate VPN Review: Here’s what I Learned about ZenMate (2024)

    zenmate vpn review
    Reading Time: 17 minutes
    You know, I actually hadn’t heard much about ZenMate until I started researching it.

    I knew about it, but I thought it was just some tiny VPN that no one used.

    And then I saw this on their website:

    zenmate users

    Now, I’m always skeptical about these numbers. VPNs often count downloads as users—which is pretty inaccurate considering how often people re-install or use multiple devices.

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  • WindScribe VPN: Too Good To Be True? In-depth Test & Review (2024)

    Windscribe vpn review
    Reading Time: 24 minutes
    I can’t lie to you—I was really eager to formally test Windscribe this month, because it’s one of my FAVORITE VPNs.If you haven’t heard of it before, that makes sense. If you have, that makes sense, too:

    This is because Windscribe is one of the more popular VPNs, but it also isn’t THAT well-known.

    I mean, it’s been downloaded over a MILLION times on the Google Play store, and its Chrome extension has nearly a MILLION users—to say nothing of the times it’s been downloaded on Apple products, or PCs or even Linux desktops.

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  • AirVPN Review: Is this VPN’s Air Safe to Breathe? Let’s find out…

    AirVPN Review
    Reading Time: 15 minutes

    AirVPN is a small VPN that has reached its 10th anniversary this year.

    You may or may not have heard of it, but it’s definitely not that famous.

    Despite that, it’s got a strong reputation for being good on privacy.

    In fact, AirVPN was founded, and is managed by, a coalition of activists and hackers who care a lot about online privacy and still promote it through other actions.

    So it seems promising!

    But is it good for you? Is it crazy expensive, or difficult to use? Why haven’t you heard more about it if it’s been around for so long?

    I personally tested AirVPN in-depth, and have got quite a lot of things to say about it.

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  • Mullvad VPN Review: Read Pros & Cons Before Buying it!

    Mullvad VPN Review
    Reading Time: 12 minutes

    Mullvad is not a new entrant in the VPN market: it was launched in March 2009, so it’s about to celebrate its 11th anniversary.

    But despite being around for over a decade, it’s never been one of the more popular VPNs.Why is that?

    Has it stayed in business in a competitive market because it’s a hidden gem, or is it lacking in serious areas that prevent it from going mainstream?

    Well, having tried Mullvad VPN, I’ve got a lot to say about it!

    Let’s start with the good stuff:

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  • 5 Best Android VPNs for 2024 (Tested)

    Best Android VPNs
    Reading Time: 5 minutes

    As of 2019, Android remains to be the most used mobile OS as a subsystem of Linux and a huge majority of 5.1 billion users coming from mobile. Although computers are the most preferred platform, mobile has become the most popular way of accessing the internet due to its form factor.

    Due to such a huge boom in internet access across the globe, Mobile (especially android) has had an increasing demand for VPN services, like its computer counterparts. We emphasize Android in this article because of its robustness and open-source nature of development.

    So, accessing the web on a public wifi spot or reaching a site in a country with elevated censorship is as vulnerable on a phone as it is on a computer. Hence, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best VPNs for secure browsing on your smartphone.

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  • TigerVPN Review: Is it really a “Tiger” of the VPNs? Let’s find out!

    tigervpn review
    Reading Time: 15 minutes
    Usually when I test a VPN, I’ve already heard a little about it. Sometimes I’ve heard a lot about it.

    And sometimes, I’ll even have used it before.

    But TigerVPN?

    Man, I barely knew this existed till recently.

    But you might know that I love underdogs, and as the VPN market is competitive and full of good options—I was real excited to learn more about TigerVPN.
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  • 5 Best Hidemyass alternatives (Number #1 is Awesome)

    Best Hidemyass alternatives
    Reading Time: 9 minutes
    You would have certainly heard about Hidemyass VPN. In case you are using Hidemyass then you would certainly agree with me that this might not be the best VPN available in the market.

    While Hidemyass has certain good points, it has a couple of issues as well. A point you just can’t avoid while using Hidemyass.

    Hidemyass claims not to store logs. However, their logging policy reveals that they do track certain user information. When it comes to torrenting or Netflix streaming, Hidemyass is not a very suitable VPN option.

    Now that’s not all. Hidemyass provides certain installable files which look suspicious. These are some things that make Hidemyass users look in for alternatives.

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  • CyberGhost Review: Give me 5 min, I will tell you my Experience using it!

    cyberghost vpn review
    Reading Time: 20 minutes

    CyberGhost is a VPN that has become one of the most popular VPNs around, but is still somehow underrated.a VPN that has become one of the most popular VPNs around, but is still somehow underrated.

    Wait—how popular are we talking about here?

    CyberGhost users

    Okay, so pretty popular. As in, tens of millions of people worldwide.

    How on earth can it be underrated?
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  • ExpressVPN Review: I used it for 27 Days – Here’s What I Found…

    expressvpn review
    Reading Time: 17 minutes
    What you’re about to read is as much a STORY as it is a review.

    Let me start at the beginning: I have heard A LOT about ExpressVPN. I’ve even used it before, but not consistently or in-depth.

    And in the meantime, ExpressVPN has reigned as one of the most popular VPNs around.

    This is ONLY from the Google Play store:

    ExpressVPN google play installs Continue reading